HBW Advisory Services LLC, is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Company. 

HBW believes that no single investment philosophy is right for everyone. Further, we believe that different philosophies may capture market returns at different times. A classic buy and hold approach is often best in increasing markets and a tactical approach is often best when the markets reach historic valuations. For many investors a blended approach may make sense. An example would be a portfolio that uses a tactical asset allocation that, along with fixed income allocations, helps mitigate downside risk, by typically investing in broadly diverse asset classes that may help capture market returns in rising markets.

The relatively few strategies which are managed directly by HBW (rather than third parties) share common core principals. One core principal can be defined as a commitment to the pursuit of the highest quality assets we can find, whether those are individual stocks, mutual funds or ETFs. And we define quality in terms of liquidity, profitability, growth, durability, and capital stewardship. 

HBW's most basic belief and guiding principle is providing our advisors and clients the tools they need to create, implement and adjust their financial plans, to seek control of the factors that form the basis of all other investment success: saving, asset protection through insurance, and tax planning. We also believe our clients' relationship with their advisor is among their most important assets when times are challenging.